Psychotherapy and Counselling in English in Brescia

I offer individual and couple therapy in English and Italian in Brescia or online

Only scientific methods

The psychotherapy approaches I use are the “cognitive-behavioral” and the “brief and strategic”. For couples, I use the “Gottman method”. These methods are applicable to a wide range of psychological complaints (depression, anxiety, addiction, psychosomatic symptoms, conflicts in relationships, sexual problems, problematic eating behavior, critical life events, and challenging life situations …)

Why in English and in Brescia?

In English because I studied in that language and in English-speaking environments. In addition, I’ve been traveling since I was a teenager and English has been the language I used to explore the world. I also carried out research in an international group and I speak English at home. My spouse is not Italian and this has been the easiest way to communicate.

I offer my services in Brescia because this is where I have my studio.

What kind of English?

My level is C2. This means that “you are a highly competent speaker of English. A C2 Proficiency qualification shows that you have mastered English to a high level”. This, in brackets, was taken from the Cambridge website.